Friday, February 24, 2012

A Parisian Wedding

The thought of planning out a whole wedding in the perfect style that fits both your personality as well as your fiancé’s can be a daunting task. A great way to begin the process is to pick a theme that is interesting and beautiful and maybe a touch unexpected. A theme is always a great way to go with wedding planning because it makes the guests really feel that there was thought and love put into every aspect of the day. The theme can be carried out starting with Save the Dates all the way through the invitations, décor, place cards, menu cards as well as the menu itself, and ending with chic and sophisticated thank you notes.

What better theme for a wedding than the ultimate vision of romance? A popular new style emerging in the invitation world is a vintage Parisian feel that can incorporate anything from the famed Eiffel Tower to the River Seine. Paris has been named The Romance Capitol of the World because of its quaint scenery and endless sights to stroll past with the love of your life. Using things like soft cotton papers, couture lace, pearls, cameos and old-world, muted color palettes each enhance the sentiment of being among the opulently decorated sidewalk cafes and wonderful landscapes of Paris.

The culture and romance of Paris lends itself to many beautiful options without feeling cliché and can be eloquently incorporated into your wedding day. Borrowing the sumptuous feeling of Paris for the most special day of your life is a perfect combination! Ending your magical night with a toast of champagne would be the perfect touch of elegance.

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