Thursday, January 24, 2013

Featured Bride & Groom - Casey Girardi & Jon Mahoney

Casey and Jon met in 2009 when Casey moved to Hoboken with a group of high school friends.  With her new living situation, Casey became friends with Jon’s best friend, Mike.  Mike asked if he could bring a couple friends to Casey’s New Year’s Eve party at her parents ski house in Windham, NY.  She was skeptical about having two random guys she didn’t know stay there, but she made the right decision to say yes, as she met Jon that weekend.  It was the start of their love story.

Casey has been skiing in Telluride, Colorado every year since she was 12 and once dating Jon, he starting joining in on those trips and loved the ski town just as much as Casey and her family.  In December 2011, they went to Telluride for their annual trip and on New Year’s Day, Jon woke Casey up extra early to go to the mountain before it got crowded.  Needless to say, Casey was not too thrilled about the early wake-up call, but went anyway.  They got to the top of the mountain and Jon wanted to take a picture.  As Casey got the camera out, Jon said “You know…this isn’t the only reason I dragged you out here so early in the morning”. Casey looked at Jon to see him down on his knee holding an open ring box.  He said “I brought you here to ask you to marry me”.  She immediately said yes and laughed and cried from her happiness and practically fell out of her skis and tackled him in the snow.  They stayed at the top of the “See Forever” run for half an hour talking about how he asked her father for her hand, when he bought the ring, who knew about it and so on.  When they finally skied down, they found her entire family waiting for them with champagne and a video camera to capture the day.

Their wedding was a week after Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, so it was a stressful time being without power and checking to see if all their vendors would be up and running for their big day.  But when Jon and Casey saw each other for the first time, all that stress melted away and they knew they were about to have the absolute best day of their lives.

Since Casey and Jon have such a passion for skiing and it has been such a prominent part of their lives, they decided to bring the theme into their wedding from ski lift tickets for place cards and Ski run table names.  These small touches were just enough so they could keep the whole overall event classy and beautiful, just like this couple. 

Casey and Jon, we wish you much love and happiness with your future together.  You are amazing people and we know that you will have a lifetime of great things to come.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!