Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Candy Buffet in the Window!

It has become quite the rage lately to start a candy bar business. When I say candy bar, I don't mean the kind you unwrap and eat like a Hersey Bar. I mean a candy plethora! A tres chic buffet of candy galore loaded in jelly jars, apothecary vases, tiered cupcake stands accompanied with lighting, mirrored displays, gorgeous fabrics, along with ribbon and fun papers to complete the theme. It seems to be a simple concept to many, purchase a bunch of candy throw into jars and vases and voila! However it does take a creative touch and an eye for color and concept to really pull it off successfully. We have recently come across a woman who achieves this tenfold. The name of the company is Sweet Boutique and you can check out her work here or contact her directly at She has recently offered to darn our window in a fun festive colorful summer theme of candy. She brought back so many childhood memories with some of the candy that she chose to use. For example creating a lollipop garden with Mike n Ike candies as the ground and using big swirly lollipops to fill the garden. Not to mention it has also drawn in many children of all ages walking past the store window. It is not only a unique sweet treat bu is also candy to the eye. The "candy buffet business" has definitely arrived and is a nice treat for any party, but keep in mind not everyone can pull this off successfully!