Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fancy Nancy Tea Party

Being in the invitation business, we are always blogging about wedding invitations or stationery. However, we do all kinds of occasions which require invitations. Recently we have been asked to create several "tea party" invitations for little girl birthday parties. For those of you who have little girls, I'm sure you are aware of the storybook character Fancy Nancy; for those of you who do not, I will briefly explain. Fancy Nancy is a sassy, whimsical little girl who has this passionate zest for life. In her small world of tea parties, school, friends and family she maneuvers through with an embellished attitude while she spouts out simple french words such as "merci" instead of "thank you" or "bonjour" instead of "hello". She is a colorful character with flowers, feathers, butterflies and bows in her repertoire, which clearly makes her attractive to little girls. I don't know if the "tea party" trend is contributed to Fancy Nancy, or if little girls just love to "pretend". In any event, I think it is a "merveilleuse" idea for a birthday party!