Friday, February 10, 2012

The 54th Grammy Awards

Who will win “Best Record” of the year? Will it be Adele, Bruno Mars or maybe Katy Perry? What about “Best Pop Vocal Album?” There are so many good artists to choose from. Then there are going to be all the great performances such as The Beach Boys, who will be reuniting for their first time in two decades, playing with Foster the People and Maroon 5. The performances are great only surpassed by the hype of the evening.

The big question of course to start the evening is “What are you wearing?” For some it’s a couture gown, for others such as Lady Gaga it’s a dress made of raw meat. The stars want to make sure they look their best for this memorable night or at the very least want to leave a lasting impression on people. They’re a brand, an identity and they want people talking about them.

So just what does the invitation to music’s biggest night look like? Is it as eccentric as the personalities that attend? It took some searching but we were able to find the actual invitation. And just like the music producers critique the performances we have our opinions on what could have been done differently.

We’re like Simon Cowell but with a pleasant disposition. One thought, tie into the award aspect of the evening, specifically the unveiling of the winner, and put it in an elegant folder which can be opened would create a level of suspense and excitement when revealing the amazing invitation. Ours is a little different, but feel it would leave a lasting impression.

Now how do you generate the same excitement for invitations for your own Grammy party? Here are some of our thoughts and unlike the performance any of the below will be a sure winner.

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